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#46, season 2, Nr.7 Luigi Centenaro, Founder of BigName, Creator: Personal Branding Canvas

#46 Luigi Centenaro

#46, Season 2, Nr. 7 Luigi Centenaro, Founder of BigName, Creator: Personal Branding Canvas

Our guest today is Luigi Centenaro, Founder of BigName and creator of the Personal Branding Canvas

He is a strong believer that the answer to macro-trends such as the Internet, globalization, digital transformation and exponential technologies in the workplace relies on talent self-direction and autonomy.

He specializes in PROFESSIONAL INNOVATION for the workforce in the enterprise giving professionals and managers the skills, tools and mindset to be more SELF-DIRECTED: to work on their own professional business models, leveraging their Personal Brand and autonomously activating their own personal digital transformation.

He is AUTHOR and curator of some Italian bestsellers and CLINICAL PROFESSOR, LECTURER or TRAINER in many institutions, including SDA Bocconi, St Gallen University (CH), ESSEC in Paris, WHU in Düsseldorf, Politecnico di Milano Business School (MIP) & Ca’ Foscari University.

He is also a family man and father who plays a lot with his two beautiful children.Paternity as a master, as some would say…

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