Create Work Life #47, Season 2, Nr.8, David Burnell IV about mindset, hapiness as Actor and former US Marine

Podcast#47: David Burnell IV über Berufswahl, Job Design, Freude als Actor

#47, Season 2, Nr.8, David Burnell IV, Actor and former US Marine

Our guest today is David Burnell, born in Honolulu, Hawaii on the little island of Oahu. He has spent the last years in Munich.
Once a Marine stationed around the world, he discovered he wanted to be an actor,

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Create Work Life Design #46, seas. 2, Nr.7 Luigi Centenaro about Designer Mindset, Life EQ as Founder of „BigName“, Creator: Personal Branding Canvas, Milano

Podcast #46: Luigi Centenaro über Berufswahl, Job Design mit Canvas, Emotional Intelligence

Our guest today is Luigi Centenaro, Founder of BigName and creator of the Personal Branding Canvas.

He is a strong believer that the answer to macro-trends such as the Internet, globalization, digital transformation and exponential technologies in the workplace relies on talent self-direction and autonomy.

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