Create Work-Life Design #49 Seas. 2, Nr.10 Camila Kuhn about Feel Happier at Work, Coaching, Life EQ as IT Consultant , Lifelong Learner, Hamburg

#49 Camila Kuhn

Our guest today is Camila Kuhn, IT Consultant  & Lifelong Learner.

Camila has a long track leading high performing teams in corporate and startup environments, driven by the motivation to build and deliver products and brands that create value to consumers, business, planet, and society. Camila is a true lifelong learner and

very active in the areas of digital transformation, sustainability, tech for good, future of work, mindfulness, agility and diversity and inclusion.
She loves making people feel good “in their skin” and helping people find meaning & purpose in what they do.
She is involved in several mentoring initiatives like MOINWORLD, Geh deinen Weg und CIEDS. 

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